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The noise of explosions escalated to a constant roar, impossible to distinguish when one shell burst ended and another began. The air grew thick and hot. The tattered curtain covering the dugout entrance did nothing to block the choking heaviness that permeated the battlefield. Fyceline smoke wormed its way into every nook and cranny.

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Explosive charges or similar explosive devices that are detonated remotely, yet are not bombs or large-grade.

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Feb 08, 2019 · Term: Definition: Source: AA Anti-aircraft weapons. [Needs Citation] Ace A skilled/veteran pilot in the Imperial Navy. [Needs Citation] Ace-in-the-Hole A back-up plan usually in the form of a one-shot bolt pistol, dagger, shotgun or other unofficial weapons. [Needs Citation]

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Fyceline-tipped Rounds: Stub Revolver, Stub Automatic, Hand Cannon, Autopistol, Autogun-Very Rare: Damage Type X, Basic +1 Damage, Heavy +3 Damage: HA60: Gas Rounds: Any Shotguns-Special: Depends what Grenade Gas is used: HA60: Hellfire Bolts: Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Heavy Bolter-Extremely Rare: Toxic, Penetration -2, -30% Toughness to resist …

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A Catachan Jungle Fighter of the Astra Militarum armed with a Demolition Charge. A high-power, fyceline explosive, the Demolition Charge contains the destructive capability equal to that of a standard round of ammunition fired from the Leman Russ battle tank.