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Apr 16, 2013 · [Exalted]Level 5 Manse Powers I was considering powers for manse hearthstones and I thought back to my first Exalted character. Among other things, he was attuned to a level 5 manse that let conjured equipment that, while living wood, were as strong as metal and could be incredibly detailed.

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Exalted Manse

A manse is a structure of occult architecture used to cap and channel the energy of a demesne. The demesne’s energies are geomantically focused by the manse into the creation of a hearthstone and also to power the various features of the structure itself. This Exalted -related article is a stub. You can help WWWiki by fixing it.

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The House of Lambant Flames — An utterly broken down Manse, which will require major reconstruction to be put back to use. The Furnace Eternal — A powerful manufactory complex, currently in the hands of a Guild-aligned outcaste. Cragsoth’s Hearth — A stony hall climbing down the lip of a volcano, geared to distill orichalcum.

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Assuming a hundred mortal workers, it takes two to ten years to raise a manse, first circle demons count as five mortals each, and automata are not touched upon and Sorcery allows an Exalt to create a manse instantly but caps the rating at (Essence-2), less if she doesn’t have a set of layout plans, but a mortal could feasibly design a 4 dot manse or a five dot manse if you throw in specialties.

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The Imperial Manse is a massive complex at the center of the Imperial City. The Manse is a control center for the defenses of Creation.

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May 31, 2009 · It was one of a series of manses designed as elementally themed schools for mortal and newly Exalted sorcerers and thaumaturges, so the eastern one was a gigantic tree, the northern one was a palace of ice with wind tunnels that played music, the southern one was basically a "man-made volcano", as the player put it, and the center one would be (if they ever got on good relations with the …

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The manse would technically be a complex that would consist of a temple, a reliquary (for first age artifacts) and a training grounds at minimum. I will allow the players to dd amenities to it like a garden if they specialize in crafting poisons or a stable if they have a mount. … Exalted Reincarnated is a project to rewrite Exalted from the …

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To minimize the embarrassment, the Manse was declared illegal and off-limits to all and was effectively abandoned, even though it stood in the center of the city’s busiest district. When the Syndics took possession of Whitewall, they wanted to preside over the city from the Manse. They made a couple of tentative attempts to enter, but when the Manse rebuffed their efforts, they were perfectly willing to let …